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About Rent N Go Auto

Rent-N-Go Autos has been proudly serving the Columbia, Jefferson City, Fulton, and surrounding areas since 2008. We are a locally owned company and look forward to continue to provide reliable vehicles through our innovative program.

Rent N Go Autos - Jefferson City, MO

Rent-N-Go's revolutionary "Rent to Own" plan offers you the easiest way to drive the vehicle of your choice home today. Renting to own a vehicle is safe and reliable. After 24 to 48 months of payments you will own the vehicle. Our vehicles are pre-licensed and we pay the property tax out over the term. We include a limited powertrain warranty so that you are not stuck paying for a new transmission or engine in case something were to happen. We also maintain your vehicle with oil and filter changes, tire rotations, and a helpful 23 point inspection to make sure you are always in a safe vehicle. Also by renting to own, you are not obligated to keep making payments if you were to bring the vehicle back. You also have the option to switch out to another vehicle at anytime. We offer all of these benefits to make getting a car hassle free. We do not check credit. Bankruptcy, child support liens and divorce settlements will not effect your qualification. We accept everyone. Come on in and drive your pre-licensed vehicle home today.